iOS6 for iPhone 3GS review

Hello everybody. As I promised on my yesterday’s post, here I’m ready to write about my findings on iOS6. Personally I was not impressed on the update. May be it is because I’m using iPhone 3GS which does not going to get all the features that iOS6 has.

Here I’m listing down all the cool things I found in iOS6 on 3GS. 

The first thing which impressed is that you can post on your Facebook wall just tapping on the Facebook – Tap to post in the Notification area.

The next cool thing is nice social network and other icons during sharing a photo as follows:

The next very useful part is importing your facebook contacts and calendar events directly into your iPhone.

The next thing is that enabling the Do Not Disturb (DND). You can set your Quiet hours, so that no one can disturb you between the time you set on. And then of course, you can allow your favorite person to always disturb you.

There are other features like Passbook, Maps and other stuffs. I haven’t try all the things seriously those may not very helpful to me.

I’ll keep update if I find any nice feature which would be definitely useful atleast for 3Gs.


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