Serious bugs after upgrading to iOS6

Hello everybody! I was happy when I got the upgrade of iOS from Apple. But now the situation is different. Yes, there are few serious bugs that annoyed me. 

  1. If you have SMS from your carrier, banks, so on… without numbers (I meant, you cannot save the contact details of the message) before your upgrade will disappear now. When you open the SMS, the message content will be empty. Then if you come back and look the preview of the SMS will also becomes empty. Few of the messages gets deleted if you open it. This is the serious bug.
  2. Next thing is Music. To reproduce this,
    • Play some music, like 1st music, 2nd music and 3rd music.
    • Stop it
    • Then kill the music player process. (To kill the process, tap the home button twice and you can see the music player icon in the bottom task bar and hold for 2 seconds, and press x pop up in the icon, which kills the music player process).
    • Now open the music player and play it again.
    • Now you hear 1st music instead of 3rd music. Logically it should be 3rd music.

Please someone let me know if this is reproducible.

These are the bugs which I’ve found. If you have any interesting behavior, please share it in the comment.


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